This rental agreement is a contract between you (referred to as “Customer”) and 911 Safety Equipment, LLC (referred to as “Owner”) and applies to your rental of fire-fighting gear from us. This agreement sets forth your rights and obligations and should be read carefully. Please also visit our website at

By providing your signature, either by email, facsimile or website (digital signature online), you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement, our privacy policy, our terms of use, and any other documents incorporated into the website from which you accessed the service. You agree that this Agreement is legal binding contract between you and 911 Safety Equipment, LLC. A copy of this agreement will be emailed to you after you place a rental order with us and accessible at 

We may modify this agreement from time to time as posted on the Website. It is important that you review the website regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes. 

1. You must be 18 years of age or older.

2. All information provided by you in connection with this agreement must be accurate and complete. I agree to notify 911 Safety Equipment, LLC in case I (Customer) have any changes to the initial information.

3. You must have a valid securing tender on file with us always. Credit/debit cards provided as a securing tender must be a personal credit/debit card. Typically, we charge a $100.00 security deposit. Your security deposit will be used to pay all or part of late charges, replacement fees, and repair fees due to excessive damage.  

4. Rented items remain the full property of 911 Safety Equipment, LLC. Your acceptance of rented items and paying rental fees entitles you to use the property of 911 Safety Equipment, LLC for a limited amount of time and only for personal, non-commercial, and non-transferable use. The customer shall not assign the lease agreement or the interest of the Customer hereunder without the prior written consent of 911 Safety Equipment, and neither the lease agreement for any interest therein is assignable or transferable by operation of law. At the end of the rental period, this agreement will be terminated and you will lose all rights to the rented items.  All rented materials must be returned to 911 Safety Equipment, LLC. The customer will have no option to purchase rental equipment.

5. The rented equipment shall be used only for the purpose of training in a manner for which it is intended and for no other purposes.

6. Renter is responsible for late, repairs for excessive damage, and replacement fees. Renter authorizes 911 Safety Equipment, LLC to debit their Credit Card account for any/all repairs, late fees, or payments due.


  • We offer a partial refund of the rental price minus the shipping charges and a 25% order cancellation fee if the gear is returned unused before the start of your program. All shipping charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • If your training period is less than 5 weeks, you are responsible for the full rental price.
  • If you return the gear in less than 2 weeks from the start of the program and if your program is longer than 5 weeks we will refund 50% of the rental price minus the shipping charges, the cost of gloves and hood, if applicable, and a $50.00 cleaning fee.
  • If more than 2 weeks of the program is completed, you are responsible for the full rental price.

8. LATE, REPAIR, AND REPLACEMENT FEES Customer agrees 911 Safety Equipment, LLC shall be entitled to a late fee of $30.00 PLUS $5.00 per day for each day equipment is not returned to 911 Safety Equipment, LLC within 7 days from completion of the rental period, beginning from the end of the rental period. Customer may not be notified of these charges made by 911 Safety Equipment, LLC in advance. The Owner is NOT responsible for any bank fees related to these charges. 911 Safety Equipment, LLC shall charge any fees, including late, repair, replacement fees to the credit card on file. Repair/Replacement fees shall be as follows:

Replace lost or damaged Bunker Coat:   $800.00.    
Replace lost or damaged Bunker Pants: $800.00.               
Replace lost or damaged Helmet: $185.00 (If rented).           
Replace lost or damaged Boots $150.00 (If rented).             
Replace lost or damaged Wildland Coat or Pant $100 each (If rented).

9. During the term of the lease, the Customer shall bear the expense and cost of any loss, damage, or destruction to the equipment rented, howsoever caused and the Customer shall at customer’s own expense keep the leased equipment in good and workable condition and shall notify 911 Safety Equipment, LLC of any repairs needed in a timely manner. All repairs of whatsoever nature and kind shall be made by the Owner, at the 911 Safety Equipment's place of business or by such persons as may be pre-approved in writing by the Owner, and in any event, the cost of all such repairs shall be paid by the customer on the credit card used to pay of the lease or any other card customer chooses within 10 days of the date of return to the Owner for such repairs. Customer may not be notified of these charges in advance. 911 Safety Equipment, LLC is NOT responsible for any bank fees related to these charges.

10. Instructions that must be read and adhered to:

  • Do not expose rental gear to UV or florescent lights, Lights will damage the gear very quickly. When not being worn, gear must be kept in a gear bag or dark room. Under no circumstances should the gear be left in direct sun light.
  • Do not use your rental coat for drag training. The DRD is the harness that is located in the back of your coat. The DRD is for emergencies only. The coat is not designed for drag training, which will cause significant damage to the garment.
  • If your school requires DRD training, please contact us directly and we will contact your instructor. We have a supply of coats that can be provided to your school for DRD training.
  • Do not wash the gear before you return it. Return the gear dirty.  No charge for cleaning upon return.
  • Do not attempt to repair your gear. Repairs must be done by a verified ISP.

11. The customer agrees to surrender the rented equipment in as good order as received by me at the end of the lease agreement, subject to normal wear and tear, or I shall pay for the loss or repairs. In the event that litigation becomes necessary to fulfill the terms of the lease agreement, I also agree to pay all costs, both legal and extra-legal that 911 Safety Equipment, LLC may incur in recovering the equipment listed above. Upon the expiration of the term of the lease agreement, the Customer shall deliver the equipment listed above to 911 Safety Equipment, LLC at the noted address with all shipping and/or postage charges and insurance prepaid. EQUIPMENT RETURNS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED BY TRACKABLE SHIPPING & can be shipped to: 
911 Safety Equipment, LLC, ATTN: Rental Returns, 9 South Forrest Ave., Suite # 200, Norristown, PA 19401

12. If you have not returned the rented materials by the rental return date and we are unable to charge your securing tender, it is your responsibility to pay the late fees immediately. You will be notified via email if your securing tender was declined and have 15 days to pay the fees before your account and any information, including personally identifiable information, you have provided to us is turned over to a collection agency ("agency").

13. You agree that 911 Safety Equipment, LLC and any agency it hires to collect non-return fees may contact you or your parent or legal guardian, via e-mail and you confirm that you or your parent or legal guardian are the only person(s) who open e-mail at the address you have provided or that if anyone else opens e-mail at the address you have provided, you waive any claims of a violation of your privacy or of potential third party disclosure if persons other than you, your parent, or legal guardian view your e-mail. Additionally, you agree that 911 Safety Equipment, LLC and any agency it hires may contact you or your parent or legal guardian via U.S. Mail, telephone or cellular telephone should such contact information be provided by you or obtained as provided below regarding your failure to return rented materials or pay applicable fees.

14. You authorize 911 Safety Equipment, LLC to share details of your rental transactions with the College, University, School at which you are enrolled and you acknowledge that your College, University, or School may provide 911 Safety Equipment, LLC with contact information, including but not limited to, your e-mail address, student address, home address, home telephone number and cellular telephone number, which may be different than the information you provided to us, for the purpose of contacting you regarding failure to return rented items and fees.

15. Service of all notices under the lease agreement shall be sufficient if given personally or mailed to the party involved at its respective address, or at such address as such party may provide in writing from time to time.