Advanced cleaning
Firefighter protective clothing must be kept clean to ensure its proper performance. Dirty gear carries less insulation, is more likely to conduct heat and electricity, lacks liquid shedding properties and can become potentially flammable. Moreover, many fire ground contaminants are carcinogens and skin toxic chemicals
According to NFPA standards, turnout gear should be cleaned no longer than once every 12 months to remain compliant.

NFPA 1851 dictates that the advanced cleaning be carried out by either a verified independent service provider (ISP) or by trained individuals of the fire department.

As third party verified ISP, we machine wash your turnout gear in our state of the art industrial-size washer/extractor with electrically operated valves, fresh-water-flushing chemical manifold and six liquid chemical injection point to ensure our clients that products receive the best wash quality.

The liners  are removed from the shell and laundered separately. This is to prevent any contaminants on the shell being transferred to the inner portions of the garment during the laundering process.