Firefighters rely on their turnout gear as their main source of protection when fighting a fire. Firefighter gear is made up of three layers, the outer shell, which provides abrasion protection and shields the inner components, the moisture barrier, which provides resistance to water and chemicals, and the thermal liner which provides thermal protection and heat stress reduction. If there is any kind of damage to these layers, it can seriously affect how the turnout gear performs as a protective barrier during a fire. That is why routine inspection and cleaning of your gear, in addition to sending it to a verified ISP for advanced cleaning and inspection is so important. If the gear is worn with any kind of tear, wear, rip, cracking, loose threading, or peeling of the seam seal tape, it can hinder the firefighter’s ability to do their job to the best of their ability.


Besides the basic and advanced repairs to turnout gear when necessary, proper fit is also vital to ensure top performance and firefighter safety. Turnout gear is made up of the outer shell, the moisture barrier, and the thermal liner, and works by absorbing heat energy. Turnout gear should fit so that between each layer is an air space. Loose fitting and uncompressed gear takes advantage of the fact that air slows down the rate of heat transfer to the skin. When fighting a fire, heat is conducted through the outer shell and loses energy as it travels through the various layers until it eventually reaches an undershirt and then your skin. Therefore, it is important that the layers between your turnout gear have air between them so that heat can be properly dispersed.

In addition to having air between layers, the NFPA 1500 Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety, Health, and Wellness Program indicates that there should be at least a 2” overlap between your coat and pants. You should also pay attention to the interface area such as the gloves to wrist and hood to neck to make sure you are appropriately protected. Your gear is your lifeline, and proper fit and proper wear is extremely important. If your gear does not fit right, it will provide less protection and make you more susceptible to burns and other injuries. If your current gear is not fitting properly or in need of repairs, please Contact our 911 Clean team OR fill out our Order Form so we can alter your gear.


As a third party verified ISP, our cleaning and repair service is held to the highest standard of quality and care. We have total quality control measures at every stage of the process. When your dirty gear arrives at our state of the art facility, before we even inspect it for needed repairs, we thoroughly wash your gear and use ozone to sanitize it. The liners are removed from the shell and laundered separately. This is to prevent any contaminants on the shell from being transferred to the inner portions of the garment during the cleaning process. 

Once your gear has been cleaned and has undergone an advanced inspection, we provide an estimate if requested before completing any repairs. Once approved, the garment is repaired. All 911 Clean materials and components used on turnout gear are compliant with NFPA 1971 Standards.

Because of the strategic partnerships formed with industry leading safety product manufacturers, 911Clean often provides our clients with end products equal to if not better than the original. Our team uses these strategic partnerships as well as NFPA standards to ensure the highest quality product available.

We know that incorrect fit and improper repairs of gear will reduce its protection ability, so our team of professionals ensure that garments receive the best service available. 


When you send gear to us, you will need to fill out an Order Form OR clearly indicate in a detailed email what repairs/alterations you would like to have done. Customers can choose from the three options listed below.

  1. Repair as needed according to NFPA 1851 standard
  2. Customized Repair/Alteration as needed according to NFPA standard
  3. Customized Repair/Alteration only

Once we receive your gear and instructions, we will inspect the gear and determine what repairs/alterations are needed. You can indicate whether you would like a quote prior to us completing any repair or alterations.

*If you send us dirty gear, we are required to wash it prior to completing any repairs.


Our professional staff is fully-trained to alter and repair the following: 

 Firefighting Bunker Gear Repair  

  • Velcro enclosures
  • Moisture barriers
  • Thermal liners patches and seam repair
  • Re-stitching of seams and trim.
  • Reflective trim and lettering
  • Burn holes, rips and tears repairs
  • Installation/Replacement of hardware: D-rings,buttons, snaps, zippers, hooks, etc..
  • Installation/Replacement of Mic Tabs, Flashlight Holders etc…
  • Knee and shoulder pad reinforcement

Firefighting Bunker Gear Retrofit or Alterations

  • Custom Alterations to manufacturer specifications
  • Installation of name panels and letter
  • pocket installation/ retrofit
  • Size Alterations, increase or decrease up to 2 inches